Party Packages

We offer fun and educational party packages year round. Parties include a reserved party area, farm animal feeding, access to our playground, maze, train ride and special animal room experience. Some additional fees may apply, such as our ball blasters, jumping pillow, or seasonal events. We are happy to work with you to customize any event to help make it one to remember. Please call us to schedule your party or group event

What is included?

Special Party/Event Bucket of feed to spoon feed our Barnyard animals (not offered for General Admission)
Private Tractor Train Ride (no public)
Access to our GIANT Maze
Access to our Playground Area
Animal Interactions in our Animal Room/Gift Shop

All Party Deposits are Nonrefundable

Party deposits are equal to HALF your total party amount. You are more than welcome to add on any of our add-ons day of your party. This amount will be added onto your end of party tab.

Outdoor Party Package

The Gentle Zoo, Forney TX
$ 200
  • Up to 20 children
    • Parents of Children are Free
    • Infants 0-12 months are free
    • Additional people limited by space available
  • Reserved Outdoor Space for 2 Hours
  • Farm Animal Feed
  • Private Tractor Train Ride
  • Giant Maze
  • Playground
  • Animal Room Experience

Indoor Party Package One

The Gentle Zoo, Forney TX
$ 250
  • Up to 20 children
    • Parents of Children are Free
    • Infants 0-12 months are free
    • Additional people limited by space available
  • Reserved Indoor Space for 2 Hours
  • Farm Animal Feed
  • Private Tractor Train Ride
  • Giant Maze
  • Playground
  • Animal Room Experience

Indoor Party Package Two

PLEASE NOTE: ONLY for last reservation of the day
$ 400
  • Up to 20 children
    • Parents of Children are Free
    • Infants 0-12 months are free
    • Additional people limited by space available
  • Reserved Indoor Space for 3 Hours
  • Farm Animal Feed
  • Private Tractor Train Ride
  • Giant Maze
  • Playground
  • Animal Room Experience

General Party Information

  • The deposit serves as your reservation for your party. This is a nonnegotiable, and a non-refundable deposit. In the event of party cancelation this deposit will be used as a credit at our facility to either schedule your party to a different available time/date, or can be used for you to visit our facility until the credit is gone. 
  • Whoever is paying at the end of the party MUST leave their Drivers License or ID at our ticket booth. This can be collected as you pay your remaining balance after your party. This is nonnegotiable, and refusal will prevent you from having your party
  • The remaining half of your total party amount will be due at the end of your party. This is where you will be able to tip your party host if you wish to
  • You will have a Party Host! They will be there to lead you to different activities & to help set/clean up
    • Party Hosts work directly off tips and are able to keep 100% of tips
    • Party Hosts will NOT be with your party the entire time. Their job is to make sure your party runs smoothly and that you’re able to enjoy everything we have to offer during your party time
    • Party Hosts are NOT there to serve food. If you need someone to serve food for your guests you are responsible for providing that
  • You may arrive to your party 20 minutes before your party START time to set up
  • We suggest you start your clean up process 15 minutes before your party END time
    • You will receive 10 extra minutes (if needed) after your party end time to clean up
    • Helium tanks may be used, however you must take them back with you after your party
    • All balloons going into our trash must be popped (balloon arches must be deconstructed & popped before going into our trash)
  •  We DO have freezer space for ice or ice cream if needed
    • We DO NOT have fridge space to keep anything cool
  • There will be an additional fee of $50 for every 30 minutes if your party extends past your END time (time for this will start after the extra 10 minutes we have provided)
    • If you are the LAST reservation of the day you can extend your party end time. Just talk to your Party Host if you wish to extend. Cost will depend on how long you extend. Please see below for how we charge for extra time.
    • After the extra 10 minutes fees will accumulate as such:
      • 1-30 minutes after = $50
      • 31 minutes-1 hour after = $100
      • 1 hour & 1 minute-1 hour & 30 minutes = $150
      • And so on…
  • Our Jumping Pillow is a weather permitting activity. In the event of bad weather we cannot offer it for your party.
  • You are more than welcome to bring in outside food and drink
    • You may bring in coolers, crockpots, catering candles, and/or a small microwave if needed. 

Recommended Party Schedule

Arrive to your Party/Event 20 minutes before your START time
You may use this time to set up for your party
Animal Feeding, Outside Interactions, & Playground (~20 minutes)
When a majority of your guests arrive/when you are ready to kick off your party, your Party Host will guide you to our feeding/interactive areas. You can also use this time to play in our playground area!
Ball Blasters/Jumping Pillow (~20 minutes)
When your party is done feeding they can move onto our Ball Blasters or Jumping Pillow (if you have these additions, if not you can spend more time in the previous areas)
Animal Room Interactions (~20 minutes)
When your party is finished with some of our outside activities your Party Host will invite you into our Animal Room/Gift Shop to view/have interactions with the animals in that room (items in Gift Shop are for sale and can always be bought)
Party/Event Celebration (~30 minutes)
~1 hour into your Party/Event your Party Host will gather you all up to return to your party area for your celebration!
Private Tractor Train Ride (~5 minutes)
After your celebration fun your Party Host will lead you to our Tractor Train where your party will receive a Private Ride
Clean Up (~25 minutes)
After your Private Train Ride you will have time to clean up your party area. You can also use this time to revisit any areas of our facility
Extra Clean Up Time (~10 minutes)
IF NEEDED you may use these 10 extra minutes for clean up. You DO NOT have to take this extra time, but it is offered if you need it.
Closing Out
This is a Gentle Reminder to please close out your Party/Event tab with us at our ticket booth. This is also the time you may tip your Party Host for helping/leading you throughout your party!

Please note that this is only a recommended party schedule given by us so your Party/Event has the opportunity to engage in everything we have to offer at our facility. It is in no way set in stone and you are more than welcome to change up the order of activities.  Gifts CAN be opened here at our facility, but please note that this will cut into your scheduled party time.


We are not responsible if you show up late to your party. We will try to work with you, but your party start and end times are SET. Additional charges ($50 every 30 minutes) may arise if you do not clear your party space by your allotted party END time.  

We cannot allow...

  • Any drugs/alcohol/guns (water guns included)
  • Glitter, confetti, or silly string (if balloons have any of these items inside them, they can be brought. However you MUST clean any of the contents from any popped balloon before leaving)
    • Filled balloons MUST be popped inside & are NOT permitted for Outside Parties
  • Grills or any other nonapproved reheating method (see above for approved methods)
  • Balloon releases

Additional Information

  • We reserve the right to charge a $25 cleaning fee to the total amount owed at the end of your event
    • Cleaning fee will be charged to your total party amount if:
      •  Cleaning for your party disrupts the next party start time (if there is another party reserved for the space after yours)
      • Any items not allowed were brought and used and/or left at our facility
      • Balloons were released and/or they end up in the party room ceiling
      • If the party space is excessively dirty (icing on the floors, spilt drinks not wiped up, abnormal cooler leakage, etc.)
      • Helium tank is left at our facility


You will be notified before you close out with us if a cleaning fee charge has been added to your party. This fee is to be paid with the remaining balance at the end of your event.