Are you in college, about to be in college, or want to further your career in the animal/zoo field? Do you have 3 months where you can take a chance to change the world?  Come join us for an unforgettable internship!

Must be 18+ years old

Our interns not only get the opportunity to care for over 31 different species, just like our volunteers. They also get to work one-on-one with our knowledgeable zookeepers through some of our more difficult tasks like preparing diets, administering medication, building new expansions, and implementing enrichment schedules. Our interns will be expected to complete 180 unpaid hours (with at least 15 each week) within a 3 month time. They will earn a completion certificate & may receive a letter of recommendation from management to be used wherever they see fit after the program is completed. 

If interested please send an email to In the subject line please type “Intern”. In the body please include your full name, DOB, why you want this internship, and what you plan on doing in the future after this internship is completed. We will send you back any follow up questions and our paperwork to get started.