There’s ALWAYS something to do at NTAC! Check out what we offer, and if you have any questions, just contact us!

Baby Goat Tours

Baby Goat Tours are hosted on Tuesdays & Thursdays, and are open to the public. Baby Goat Tours are also offered on Military Mondays.

  • $5/person to enter (buy your pass at our ticket booth upon entry, no reservation required)
  • MUST sign a release form & (optional) Videography form
  • 15 minute once in a lifetime experience!
  • Tour Times: 10:00-10:15, 11:00-11:15, 12:00-12:15, & 1:00-1:15
  • Age Requirement: 18 Months and up

Weather Permitting

Animals are unpredictable and changes may occur.


Exotic Animal Ambassador Tours

Exotic Animal Ambassador Tours are ONLY offered Friday, Saturday, & Sunday mornings. You MUST call ahead to schedule. 

  • $50/person 
  • Max of 6 people per group
  • MUST sign a release form & (optional) Videography form
  •  Flash Drive + Pictures: $40
  • Pictures (you provide Flash Drive): $25 
  • Meet our Capybaras, Mountain Coatimundi, and Red Kangaroo for a once in a lifetime experience!
  • Age Requirement: 3 Years and up
Weather Permitting 
Animals are unpredictable and changes may occur. 

MUST CALL (469) 834-2857 TO SCHEDULE 

Military Mondays

Join us EVERY Second Monday of each month for Military Mondays! This is our thank you to all the people keeping our country’s people & animals safe!

  • ONLY during 2:30PM-5:00PM (NOT normal hours)
  • First Responders (Fire, EMS, Police) with ID get in FREE 
  • Active/Inactive military personal with ID get in FREE
  • Healthcare workers & Veterinarians with ID get in FREE
  • ALL other members in party pay normal admission prices
  • 2 complementary feed cups for every 4 people in group (may purchase additional feed cups at ticket booth)
  • All other activities are priced normally (Ball Blasters, Gem/Fossil Mining, & Baby Goat Tours) 

Feeding Barnyard Animals

Come have a up close and personal experience by feeding some hilarious barnyard animals! This activity is offered DAILY, and has no weather restrictions.*

Feed may ONLY be purchased at our Ticket Booth at the front of our facility. 

1 cup = $2

3 cups (or bag) = $5

Rules for Barnyard Feeding:

  • Only feed where there is a SPOON present
    • Spoons can be found on our goats, llamas, pig, chickens, sheep, and baby goat enclosures
  • Please feed animals with a spoon
    • Do not use your hands or the cups
  • Do not throw food at animals
  • You may pet any of the animals you can feed through the fence (goats, llamas, pig, chickens, sheep, and baby goats) as long as they let you!
  • Please DO NOT climb on fences to pet the animals
  • Please be respectful to our animals
  • Please have fun!

*Animals you may feed may vary depending on weather, as some of our hoof stock stay in the barn during bad weather.


Jumping Pillow

Fun for all ages (as long as you can jump/bounce)! Come get your energy out on our Jumping Pillow. Our Jumping Pillow is a GIANT air bubble made out of bounce-house material. This activity is offered DAILY, and is weather permitting.* This is now a FREE activity for you to enjoy while spending your day at our facility.

Rules for Jumping Pillow:

  • No shoes while on the pillow!
  • Please no sharp objects
    • This includes jewelry, costumes, and clothing 
  • Must be able to walk/jump independently
  • Please be aware of your surroundings
  • Please have fun! 

*Weather permitting: If it has rained in the past 48 hours before your visit, please be aware we may not be able to blow up our pillow. Pillow will not be operational while raining.


Ball Blasters

Do you like a challenge? Then our Ball Blaster are for you! Our Ball Blaster is a GIANT air canon which shoot tennis balls into tractor tires. Not recommended for anyone who has noise sensitivities. This activity is offered DAILY, and is weather permitting.* We offer Ball Blaster tokens for $1 each at the ticket booth.

Rules for Ball Blaster:

  • ONLY staff may load blaster
  • One at a time on the blaster
  • Please do not touch blaster while staff is touching blaster
  • Please have fun!

*Weather permitting: If it is actively raining or is windy we cannot shoot our blaster.

*This activity will be leaving our facility as we get our Monarch Butterfly Way Station built! So, don’t miss your chance to test your skills! Come out and shoot some balls today!



Playground Area

Here’s to never growing up while in our Playground Area! This area is FREE to enjoy with purchased admission! [Pictured] we have a slide, swings, a rock climbing wall, and a trapeze bar. We also have two sand boxes with TONS of sand toys, another smaller playscape (for the little ones), a tire tunnel, and some old school playground equipment! 


There is also a covered picnic area in our Playground Area. You are more than welcome to bring in outside food/drink and have lunch out with us while you’re visiting!

Shoes are recommended in the Playground Area! We are in Texas, where Fire Ants have it claimed it as their home. We cannot guarantee there will be no ants, but we DO treat for them. If you find a nest please let staff know!

Tractor Train Ride

Come relax by taking a complementary Tractor Train Ride. This activity is offered daily, with weather restrictions. * We do not have a train schedule, so listen for staff in RED shirts to yell out “TRACTOR TRAIN RIDE” if you would like to ride, or ask any staff member in a RED shirt while on your visit. 


Rules for Tractor Train Ride:

  1. Please stay seated while Tractor Train is moving
  2. Please keep all hands, feet, and belongings in the train cart while moving
  3. 12+ can ride alone 
  4. HAVE FUN!

*Weather Restrictions: if actively raining our tractor will not be operating. If grounds are muddy Tractor Train Ride will be down the driveway and not through our zoo.

We offer 1 complementary Tractor Train Ride for your group per visit. If you’re here with a birthday party, the party will receive it’s own personal Tractor Train Ride.

Animal Interactions

Who doesn’t LOVE cuddles? Come visit our interactive enclosures and get all your cuddle wishes granted! Our animal ambassadors LOVE interactions and will surely place a smile on your face! This activity is FREE with admission and is open daily with weather restrictions.*

We have two interactive enclosures outside for you to enjoy!

  1. Our First Goat Enclosure
    • Please be mindful that goats are curious and playful. We cannot guarantee they will not jump, nibble, or rub up on you or your clothing/belongings.
  2. Our Sulcata Tortoise Enclosure
    • Please refrain from touching our tortoise’s heads, but remember they can feel all the scratches you give them on their shells.

Rules for Interactive Enclosures:

  2. Do not feed animals INSIDE enclosures
    • Even if there is food for them inside their enclosure
  3. Please be respectful to our animal ambassadors
    • Do not hit, kick, or harmfully touch any of our animal ambassadors
  4. Do NOT pick up any animal ambassadors 
  5. Please no running inside enclosures

*Weather Restrictions: If weather is unfavorable for our animal ambassadors they may not be outside. If it has rained in the past 48 hours before your visit our enclosures may be muddy. 

We reserve the right to ask you to leave our interactive enclosures if we feel you are harmfully touching or purposely stressing out our animal ambassadors.